Klava Online Typing Tutor - Type Faster, More Accurately

Klava is a Flash-based typing tutor that helps users hone their typing and keyboard skills. Unlike many other typing tutors, no downloads and no accounts are necessary to use Klava. In fact, once you get to the site, you can start typing right away. The easy-to-use site makes it highly accessible for a wide range of users.
When you reach the site, you will see an empty box in which you will do all of your typing. Beneath this box, you can see the text that you are to copy. Below this body of text is an image of a keyboard that should mirror the keyboard that you are using.

Unlike most other typing programs, Klava does not pressure users with a timer or a countdown clock. Instead, users can begin whenever they like, and end whenever they like. There are no guidelines, other than typing accurately.

When you begin typing, Klava automatically starts a background timer to determine how quickly you are typing. It also keeps tracks of mistakes that you make while you are typing. When you make a mistake, the space in which you are typing in will turn gray. This makes it simple for users to realize that they have made a mistake. Mistakes must be corrected before users can continue with their typing.

When you have successfully typed through one line of text, Klava will display at the top of the screen a few numbers. The first set of numbers relates to the speed of your typing, given in characters per minute. The first number indicates your speed from the last line of text that you typed up. The second value after the forward slash indicates your average typing speed throughout your typing session.

The second set of numbers to the right of your typing speed indicates your accuracy. The first value tells you what percent of the previous line of text you typed incorrectly. The second value indicates your average percent in terms of error throughout your typing session.

Another way Klava indicates your errors is by highlighting characters or letters that you recently mistyped. This helps users discover their weak spots on the keyboard and can make them more aware of where they can improve in terms of typing.

Below the image of the keyboard that takes up a good portion of the screen, you can find different options for your typing session. First, you can choose to type either basic English or advanced English. The difference between these two sessions is in how the body of text is organized. Basic English will display words, while advanced English displays full sentences for you to copy.

You can also choose to copy programming language. There are also options for those learning to type Russian.

To the right of this, you can choose which kind of keyboard you would like to use. Your options include:
-QWERTY, the default choice

The image of the keyboard will change according to which keyboard option you choose.

Try out Klava today to hone your typing and keyboard skills!


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