A Tutor and His Disciple

My close friend Bobbo Nibon was very fond of chocolates and ice-creams. I cautioned him many times saying that his teeth and throat would be severely affected in the long run. He says that life is short and so long plans are waste. That day he was attacked by dizziness and asked me to take him to any nearby hospital. I thanked God. Moirijeena Abaaba was my most favorite doctor in that locality. I used to passively follow her during her solitary morning walks in the Donmisino Avenue. Seeing her sitting in her chair in the hospital remained a dream to me for long. I always desired to remain her silent admirer and so never went to her hospital as a patient though I too was hit by giddiness many times. I took him to her hospital. She was talking with somebody in her chamber and so the receptionist asked us to wait outside. I asked my friend to rest on the bench and I moved to the other side of her chamber to overhear what she was talking with the other man, "Some young fellow should spend with your daughter for five months. She got a peculiar psychological disorder. An extraordinary mosquito bit her on her right cheek recently. Resultantly she lost minimum knowledge about many ordinary things in her familiar environment also. No medicines or surgeries can cure your daughter. Since she is 23 and very beautiful, you may not like to take such risks believing in the goodness of unfamiliar guys. I have a fellow in my mind. Though he knows that I am married and have two children, he has been following me during my morning walks for the last one year or so. He is such a committed feminist. He likes to serve women in some way. He can cure the disorder of your daughter within the time with his patient and ideal behavior with her. I don't think he studied much. I will talk to him soon about this. I am afraid that some patients are waiting for me outside. Let them come in immediately. I will send that boy to your house soon. Let him treat her. Follow whatever he says". I rushed back to my friend. When I took him inside, she prescribed some medicines fast and asked him to wait outside for me. She closed the windows and door and told me in a low voice, "I was observing your secret movements behind my room. I like your admiration for me. You have heard everything I talked with her father. Her name is Swajani Guvah. She recently completed her post graduation in theology. Qazanurmis Bijlantiri bit her recently. This mosquito is an invention of my great professor Viplaninin Rolanisus. He could create this creature after thirty years of research in his big lab. It bit him and he died on the spot. After reading his notes after his death, I could know that it would bite one beautiful girl and die in her hands. The cheek of a very innocent girl is its favorite spot to attend its final duty. It takes four minutes to inject its fluid into the face of the girl. It does not bite a girl without studying her behavior for about six months at least. She liked the innocence and kindness of this girl and so bit her. You have to treat her like a ten year old innocent girl and explain about the familiar things around us like a good teacher. How much time you would spend with her is not important but how affectionately and sensitively you deal with her. She should be in the friendship of a good boy like you for five months. You should start this tuition on the first of any month and continue it for five months. On the last day of the fifth month, she would say something with you shyly and you should do it for her. If you don't fulfill that desire, she curses you on the spot and I can't imagine your future thereafter. Nobody in this world can treat you from that disorder. Our teacher infused such spiritual forces into that mosquito. Go to her parents and explain them what I said. They would allow you to start the tuition immediately. If you misbehave with her taking advantage of her innocence, you know what happens. Be alert. All the best!". Her parents gave me a list of eight dates on which I have to attend her to educate her.

Anybody in our town should go to the shop of Ranganna to hire a bicycle. He never likes to give one vehicle to a handsome boy or a beautiful girl if he sees them coming together to his shop. He treats them as lovers and he thinks that they would spoil his vehicle doing all the monkey acts with it. That was March 1st and it was around 8:00 am. I showed Swajani the path leading to the seashore and told her to keep on walking without looking back until I reach her on the bicycle. I went to Ranganna and asked for a bicycle. He doubtfully questioned me, "Who is that girl walking alone toward the seashore? Are you playing tricks with me?" I softly replied him, "She must be a tourist. Why should we bother enquiring about everybody?" He gave me a beautiful bicycle and I rode it fast to catch Swajani. She was nowhere in the route I told her to walk on. I rode back and searched in the other way. I spotted her sitting under a tree. I angrily told her, "I clearly showed you the route with my finger and you took the wrong route. It is all because of that mosquito. I would have killed it if it is alive". She put a sad face and told, "If you are angry, you may directly address my name to scold. I don't know about which mosquito you are talking about". I begged her to pardon me and made her sit at the back of my bicycle. We could reach the seashore in one hour finishing the distance of ten kilometers. I made her sit on a rock and told, "Ordinary people like you and me call it sea. A number of swimming creatures live in it. Fishermen go deep into the sea and catch fish with their nets. They sell them in the local markets and earn money for their livelihood. Seawater is always salty. The salty air blowing here tans our skin if we stay here for long. Big ships travel on this water carrying cargo from one place to another place in the world". Meanwhile she saw a young couple in some distance kissing each other playing with the tides and asked, "What are they doing there? Shall we go there and sit?" I felt a bit uneasy and told her, "When I am talking about the sea, why are you focusing your looks on other things. If you keep your eyes open, you can't attentively listen to my lesson. Please sit closing them for ten minutes. This is my punishment to you for seeing unwanted things in the distance". When she closed her eyes, I ran to the crazy couple and requested them, "I came here with an innocent creature. She wants to come and sit here watching your romantic enjoyments. You may not feel free to do such things if both of us come here. Please go away from here and do whatever you like". They ran away from there and I came back to Swajani. Still she did not open her eyes. I told her, "Now you can open your eyes and see around. You saw two devils sometime ago and took them as human beings. Such strange things would be frequently happening by the seashore. For today this lesson is enough. Man or woman should learn real lessons from the games. I will be playing in the sand and you may spend watching me till the evening. You will learn a lot from this observation. Importantly you would understand that I am a monkey when you keep watching me while I am playing. I brought eight apples, two watermelons and one liter of flavored milk for our lunch. I know that you don't know what to do with them when you feel hungry or thirsty. After I finish six apples, one watermelon and half of the milk, you can easily know how to use them". We spent there till 5:00. She saw white clouds in the sky and asked me, "What are they?" I replied her, "They are our friends. We play on the earth and they play in the sky. That is the only difference. They are secretly watching us while we are spending in the seashore. Before night falls, all the lazy creatures on earth should go back to their respective homes to sleep. They are telling us to go back to our homes before it gets dark". Ranganna looked at me seriously seeing her sitting on a bench opposite his shop while I was returning him the bicycle.

My friend's friend Binnu Challiro stopped his studies soon after his second standard and spent grazing buffaloes and cows till he reached the age of 22. When his mother was looking for a bride for him, his father advised him to start a small dairy unit in the outskirts of the town. This was to show the bride party that their son has a continuous income source. They brought about ten high breed buffaloes from Haryana and started the dairy farm. He married a beautiful girl and started living in a hut near his business firm along with his wife. He asked me many times to visit his farm but I never found time. I decided to take Swajani to his farm on 28th March to spend there for sometime. We walked for five kilometers and reached there by 10:00 am. He was washing the buffaloes and his wife was keeping green grass before them. Observing us from the distance, his wife ran into the hut and he steadied himself. He brought two chairs for us. After carefully observing how I used the chair for my comfort, Swajani sat in the other chair. He told me mildly, "My wife is very innocent and does not know how to face newcomers. She grew up at her paternal grandparents' house until our marriage. She can't come out until you go away from here and don't mind it. Let me bring something for you to eat". After he went inside, Swajani asked me, "What are those black creatures? Why is he washing their bodies with soap?" I explained her, "Farmers call them buffaloes. Centuries ago they used to live in a thick forest. They were spotted by a hunter when he was walking through it in search of jackals and cats. When he saw them from distance, he thought that they would kill him if he does not shoot them immediately with his gun. When he checked his gun, he found that there were only two bullets. If he shoots two of them, the remaining animals would chase him angrily and kill him eventually. So he decided on the spot to become their friend. He slowly went to them and touched one of them. They started waving their tails and he understood that they were ready to accept his friendship. Then he introduced them to other human beings. They could recognize that they can exploit them in many ways. My friend is also one of such men who believe that man and woman can live happily depending on animals. They don't know how to wash their bodies and so he attends such duties frequently. He uses a peculiar stone to clean their bodies". Meanwhile he brought cheese in two plates and gave me. When I gave one plate to Swajani, she threw it away at once. My friend was taken aback at her behavior and I requested him to go inside. After he left the place, I told Swajani, "This is a sweet made with milk and jaggery. See how I am eating. Nothing happened to me no! I will feed you with this spoon. If you like it, you can swallow it and if you don't like it, you can spit it out". After finishing my plate, she was looking toward her thrown away plate. I told her softly, "You want more! You thought that it is some poisonous creature and it bites you on your hand. Don't worry about that cheese. His wife is a nice girl. Go into that hut silently and stretch your hand before her. She takes you as an innocent child and gives you a lot of cheese. Her husband would come out within seconds seeing you stretching your hand for more cheese. When we spend outside talking about this and that, you can eat a lot of cheese inside. Sleep for sometime in her lap if you feel heavy after eating much cheese. I will wait until you wake up and take you to your home carefully. Don't think that I will run away from here leaving you alone". I knew from Binnu that she could not eat much cheese. She slept for four hours beside his wife. I thought that the tiredness of the long walk and the sweetness of the cheese made her sleep that long. I took her to their home by 5:00. I noticed houseflies following her while we were coming back. Binnu's wife must have forgotten to wash her face well after feeding the cheese.

Squirrels Brook is a famous place in our area. Many say that only young lovers should visit that place to feel its beauty. I never got that chance for no girl ever agreed at least to act that role beside me for sometime. It is eight kilometers away from our town. Visitors should sit under a palm tree and spend at an old temple for a few minutes on their way to the brook. That was 8th April and we started our walk around 8:00 am. I told Swajani that it is only four kilometers away from our town. We reached the palm tree after walking for three kilometers. By that time she became thirsty and asked for water. I saw a small pot at the top of the tree. I gave twenty stones to her and asked to aim the pot above. She could hit it with the twelfth stone. When the toddy was flowing down from the top, I told her to drink it. She drank about 250 ml of toddy. After walking for another three kilometers, we reached the old temple. She vomited the intake in the middle of the journey. There were the statues of Lord Brahma, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva in the temple. She observed me when I closed my eyes and joined the palms for a few minutes worshipping the Gods. Then she did the same after me. We sat on the steps for a while. She told me angrily, "When I asked for water, you told me to drink something else. See what happened! I am feeling hungry". I replied her, "Actually devotees should visit this temple with an empty stomach. I know that your parents don't send you out with an empty stomach. One of your close friends told me that you have the habit of eating a big cup of Horlicks powder every morning before 6:00. I intentionally did not bring a water bottle. If you don't drink that toddy, the vomiting does not take place. If these three Gods scan your stomach with their third eye, they can easily know that you are not a good girl. Do you like if they scold you out of anger? I don't like it. So I applied this trick upon you. The brook is not much far from here. I know that you are an energetic girl. Come on! Get up! Walk fast competing with me". We could reach the brook by 11:00 am. Many squirrels started playing around us. She asked me, "What are they? Why are they chasing each other frightening me?" I made her sit on a rock by the brook and told, "They are the creatures of Lord Rama. They feel very happy when they see an angel like you. To celebrate their overflowing joy, they keep on chasing one other until we leave this place. I should also explain you the history of this brook. About 1000 years ago a great sage and his wife came on a South Indian spiritual tour from the Himalayas. When they were walking through this place, the sage observed a few squirrels moving very slowly around them. He scanned their biographies with his sixth vision. He realized that they were badly in need of drinking water. He created this brook on the spot for them and left the place. Nobody can see where it originates and ends. This water is very sweet and it keeps on flowing even in the hottest summers. There are many fruit trees in this place. I can easily identify the best fruits from many. These creatures eat bits of tasty fruits and leave the rest for visitors like us. I will go into this forest and bring fruits for you. If you feel thirsty, you can drink this water. This water is sanctified by the blessings of that sage and his wife. You will become strong and wise if you drink it. I will show you how you can play with this brook until I return with the fruits". I moved my legs and hands in the cool water artistically for a few minutes and left the place. After collecting the fruits, I hid in the nearby bushes and enjoyed watching her actively playing with the water in various ways. She liked the tasty fruits inaugurated by the squirrels. After the lunch, she spent playing with the squirrels for five hours. She put a sad face when starting back leaving the squirrels there. She wanted to bring one with her to play at home. I visualized the lovesick life of a squirrel in her company. I left her at their home by 7:30 pm.

Pitchayya's house is the oldest one in our town. He used to live depending on his bullock cart looking after his old wife, young daughter and little son. During the British rule in India, he migrated to Fiji along with his family. There was little time to move to the other county and so he could not sell his house to anybody in our village. The people in our village thought that they must have been eaten by ghosts. Every midnight a loud howl emerges from that house and so nobody could venture to occupy it. I wanted to sit at that house and plan carefully about my future. Spending alone at that house remained a challenge to me. Old places would generate excellent ideas in the minds of idle young men when they spend with innocent girls for a long time at such places. For Swajani, dilapidated or renovated house is the one and the same. She can't see any difference between old and new or day and night until her temporary disorder is cleared forever by my treatment. That was 28th April and we could reach that house by 9:00 am walking for twenty minutes from her house. I sat on a log to show her that it does not do any harm to her if she dares sit on it. She kept standing for one hour fearing that it is a python and it may attack her if she touches it. Her legs would have ached and so silently came and sat beside me. She asked me, "What is that? Why have you brought me here?". I told her, "Years ago a man called Pitchayya used to live in this house. His father tried to educate him sacrificing many comforts of his pitiable life but he never went to school. Many times he used to call him a monkey for he was an expert in doing mad things. Then this town was a small village with about 50 houses. Our villagers started calling him Pitchayya. Once a white woman asked me what Pitchayya means? I told her that it means 'a mad fellow'. His marriage became a big issue to his father. He got him married to a 35 year old woman as the last resort. For two years they did not have children and so they adopted a 20 year old girl to escape the problems of child care. He had a son when his wife was 45. The age gaps between his wife and him and his daughter and son became unbearable to him as people started laughing at them publicly. That was the time when the British were sending poor Indian farmers to Fiji for agricultural works. They disappeared all of a sudden from us and never came back. Since no humans, animals or birds are living in this place now, we can call it an old and useless house. I brought you here to make you see and feel the beauty of oldness. Let's go inside and explore". He wisely kept all the doors and windows of his house open to misguide the villagers making them believe that there is nothing valuable inside his house. I was clearing cobwebs with my hands and scattered things on the floor with my legs and making way for her to follow me. I was hearing various kinds of frightening sounds in the house. She does not know which are delirious or melodious sounds and so following me happily. I sneezed ten times being affected by the peculiar smells inside. When I was seriously thinking on how to enter a big locked room to discover something valuable at any cost, she sneezed once and I collapsed to the ground with a shock. It was around 5:30 pm when I got up from my coma. She was looking at my face timidly and innocently. She did not have anything with her to eat or drink. There were a pomegranate tree and a coconut tree at his house. I thought of offering her those fruit and coconut water for her lunch. When I was looking at her face sadly visualizing her helplessness and ignorance, she told me, "You have slept for a long time. I wanted to sleep but what if you leave me here. I felt hungry and thirsty. I could not go out leaving you alone here. Take me back to my home". Her face became weak and she took much effort to walk back to her home behind me. I did not like to show my face to her parents for they would severely scold me looking at her.

It happened when I was eight or so. One Sunday morning I cried for four hours continuously to get some money from my father to play marbles with my girl friend Pinky. He gave me one rupee and told me to buy lollipop in Subby's shop. Pinky never plays marbles with me in front of her house unless I give her some gift. I gave her the lollipop and she finished it in five minutes. She gave the small stick to me and I put it in my pocket as her gift to me. My father spotted me there that afternoon while we were seriously playing marbles. Pinky ran into her house leaving me alone. "Don't you feel shy to play marbles with a four year old girl opposite their house? They think we don't have a house and so you are playing at others' houses. Don't show me your face till the evening", he shouted. Pinky was hearing my father's serious dialogues at me from her house and I felt humiliated. I ran toward the eastern end of our village and sat at the foot of the Elephant Hill. I slept there for five hours. I felt hungry and did not have anything to eat. I chewed some leaves and nuts and filled my stomach. There was some water in a boulder and I drank it. I found a small mango plant and a small cashew plant a bit away from the boulder. I promised them that day that I would return to them one day in my future with a beautiful girl. I threw the lollipop stick there being angry against Pinky. That was 24th May and Swajani and I reached that place by 8:00 am. I felt very happy looking at the grown up mango and cashew trees. I told her to sit under the mango tree and I climbed the cashew tree to collect cashew nuts. I gave ten cashew apples to her. They were in yellow and pink colors. She asked me looking at them surprisingly, "What are they? Can I eat them?" I told her, "I call them cashew apples. Poor people living in our small town come to this hill for cutting wood for their livelihood. God planted these two trees years ago for them. We can eat these cashew apples when we feel thirsty in summer. I selected sweet fruit for you. I will show you how to eat them without staining your clothes with the juice". I ate four fruit before her and she completed her ten fruit within five minutes. Then I plucked some mango leaves and spread them near the trunk. I told her to rest there. When she was sleeping there, I climbed the mango tree to collect sweet mango fruit for her. She shouted looking at me while I was eating a fruit sitting on a branch of the tree, "Hey donkey! You are eating mangoes without giving me! I will tell my mother this evening. She will chase you around our house". I shouted back, "You should call me a monkey, not donkey. A donkey is an innocent creature and lives on earth working for others. A monkey is a wise creature and it mostly lives on trees minding its food and accommodation needs without bothering about others. I thought you are sleeping! You are looking at me like a thief. I feel shy and fall down if you look at me. Please close your eyes until I come down. I am bringing sweet fruit for you". I ate two fruit before her and she finished five fruit within ten minutes. She felt heavy and slept on the mango leaves for four hours and I took this time to get cashew ready for her. She woke up around 5:00 and told me, "You have brought me very far from our town. What if some wild animals attack us now! Let's go back soon". I consoled her, "Wild animals don't come to this place during daytime. They don't like to scare a timid child like you with their untimely presence. I have got hot cashew ready for you baking them in the fire. They are tasty and make you strong. First I will eat a few and then you can finish the rest. Don't be afraid of animals. I am here no!" I took her to a well in our return journey and drew water from it for her to wash her face neatly. What if ants crawl on her face to taste the smell of mango juice while sleeping in her home at night? She cries being scared of the ants and they would call me to educate her about them and lull her to sleep.

Bhoopalam Singarayya's Library is famous in our town. He had been the richest man in our village. After years of torture from our villagers, he donated some money for the library. His daughter is a lover of love stories. She made the young librarian her admirer and he started procuring hundreds of books on love and marriage. It is the right place for fellows like me to see and enjoy sensitive female beauty. My friend Kiladi Korrayya and I frequently used to go to that library. From early childhood days he used to believe that the future of Indian youth is dependent on self-employment and not on agriculture any more. He used to read various books on self-employment and I used to secretly look at the beautiful girls hiding behind the windows. Eventually he started a novel business at his home. He arranged four cages and kept sparrows, parrots, pups and rabbits in them. Our town has many attractions except a zoo. His idea was received well and people started pouring in. The entrance fee is negligible and so it became a hot spot for idle fellows in the town. After becoming busy in his zoo business, he could not find time to go to the library. Then only he could realize that he was badly missing something in his life. I pitied him. He took much time to understand that boys and men can't survive without the company of girls and women. He started sitting at the entrance and allowing only boys and men with beautiful girls and women beside them. I went several times to his zoo to see the cuteness of the birds and hear the sweet sounds of the naughty animals. He somehow discourages me and sends away. That was 16th June and Swajani and I reached his zoo by 8:00 am. He did not consider me as a human being but her shadow. I felt ashamed of my existence in that setting but consoled myself. After taking Swajani inside, I told her, "You need not know what human beings call them or how and from where they are brought here. Historical perspective is not necessary in all places. If you stand at those four cages moving from one to one, they will prompt you to do something with them. You may feel shy if I am here. I will sit at the entrance chatting with my friend". By 11:30 about 100 visitors came to the zoo and he closed the entrance. He did not look at me at all and moved into the zoo. I slept there for one hour. I wondered to look at the scene in the zoo after I woke up. Nobody was there at the cages but around Swajani. I rushed there to know what the hell was happening there. My friend Korrayya told loudly, "She could enjoy playing with the few birds and animals here. She could not fulfill a desire of her since my pups failed to understand her properly. She wants the pups to lick on her cheeks. I don't know how to help her in this regard. If somebody can resolve this issue at once and satisfy my esteemed visitor, I will gift a rabbit to him". I rushed out and brought a kilo of jaggery. Mixed a bit of water to it and asked one of the beautiful girls standing there to apply it on the cheeks of Swajani. The men around me were seriously looking at me for I chose a girl to do that on her cheeks. Then she kept her face at the cage of pups. First a pup tasted the jaggery and then the rest followed it. This mutual admiration and attachment between the pups and Swajani went on till 5:00. The girl kept on pasting the jaggery on her cheeks and the pups continued their duty. Before leaving the zoo, he gifted me the rabbit to keep up his promise. I showed Swajani how to hold it and told, "This is my gift to you. You need not keep it in any enclosure. There is no much difference between it and you. Kiss its eyes for ten times every morning and evening for two weeks. It would be victimized to your love and then it can't live without you. Ask your mother to neatly wash your face with Johnson's baby soap for ten times and apply Vicco Turmeric Cream. Remember that you are not in the zoo. Don't say, 'Kiss me please' during your sleep. Your mother beats me tomorrow, not the pups".

Moody Activists Domain is a small and unpopular organization in our town. Philosopher Nenuni Dudado founded it in 1956. He believed that creative talents in human beings would flourish only when the moods of enthusiasts are adequately encouraged by some musical or vocal sounds in an organizational manner. Anybody can do anything on any day or night in that place. A drum, a piano, a violin, a harmonium and a flute are always kept ready there. Majority of idlers and buffoons in our town are life members in it. They have to compulsorily attend the programs once in a week at least. One has to pay 500 rupees for five year special membership in MAD and as special members they may or may not go there on any day or night during the five years. Also they may bring one person along with them for any program. That was 24th July and Swajani and I went there by 9:00 am. At the entrance of the building, a huge board is hung carrying the words "Clapping is not a Crime". The program was to start in a few minutes. About 100 audiences have arrived and sat on the sand. I told Swajani, "Anybody from the audiences can rise and do something on the stage alone or with the instruments. Only the moods of the persons sitting here are important. When you bring your two palms close in a fast manner, a sound emerges. We call it a clap. Audiences can clap at any time during the program not minding the fellows on the stage. Their moods are more respected here than the quality of the presentations there. So, feel free to clap. I will be watching the program standing away from you. They would supply tasty biscuits, hot milk and chilled drinks at the lunchtime. You can take whatever you like and ask others how to eat or drink them. The program may end at anytime depending on the moods of the performers and the audiences". Meanwhile about twenty girls and five boys rose and rushed to the stage. Some girls started playing with the instruments as they like and the boys started singing, "Norimoji Miopoyo, Gannijori Pora Rara. Ankilani Bibo Gabo Pondi Randi Malli Nandi. Ninguriki Manguribo Jannariba Jabaaba. Pannilino Konnijinni Mannulona Aataa Paata ...". The girls sensed that the voice of the boys group was dominating the noise of their musical instruments and so they started creating chaos madly beating or blowing the instruments available. The audiences failed to understand whether to clap or run away from the place. Sensing the inactivity of the fellows around her, Swajani took the initiative to clap. If she is clapping, others are also clapping and if she stops, others are also stopping. She found that they are more interested in her claps than the song and music going on the other side. A healthy understanding developed between her and her followers and their clapping program was giving a tough time to the group on the dais. Failing to estimate why they are clapping, singing or playing the instruments without minding others or questioning themselves I collapsed to the ground around 12:30 pm. Swajani woke me up around 5:30 and told, "Our clapping group became serious after the lunch. They stopped singing and playing with the instruments after sometime failing to know whether we are encouraging or discouraging them. We did not stop our clapping and they sat calmly listening to our sounds till this time. They liked my claps and announced me as the winner. They gave me this broken drum as a gift. I beat it with my hands and found that it is no more creating any sound. One of my team members told that it requires a little stitch. Why should I worry about such minor things, when you are there with me! You have brought me to such a nice place to educate me thoroughly. I don't mind if you keep this drum with you as my gift to you. Let's go back. You have missed a great program today. You are weaker than me. After entering the field, we should see its end. Don't feel shy to look at me". I shut my mouth and left her at home by 6:00 pm.


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