How to Locate and Choose a Tutor for Your Child

Is your child struggling to keep up with his schoolwork? Does it tear you apart to see him trying so hard, yet unable to stay on top of the work? What's more, you can't seem to help him. What do you do?
The answer is tutoring. A tutor can work with your child to provide the one on one guidance and attention that he may need. A good tutor should have the ability and the patience needed to help your child through any problems he has.

So where do you find a good tutuor? The logical place to begin looking is with your child's school. Talk to your child's teacher and see if he or she has any suggestions or recommendations. Talk to friends and relatives to see if any of them can recommend a tutor. Who knows, one of them may have a son or daughter in high school or college that would be willing to tutor for extra money.

Another good place to check is with your local college. Some college students offer tutoring to help pay their expenses and to earn extra money.

Unemployed or part time teachers may also be willing to do tutoring.

There are also learning centers that offer both local and online sites tutoring or learning assistance. These tutoring services may fit your family's busy schedule. You will have to have access to a computer and internet services.

Tutoring costs will vary depending on who does the tutoring and how often or long you require the tutor's service. If you use one of the learning centers, you may be able to pay in payments. Whoever you decide to use, be sure to discuss the costs involved and exactly how much time your child will receive for that fee.

Finding a tutor should not be a problem. However, finding a tutor that your child will respond to may be a different matter. Before you make a final decision, your child and the tutor should meet to see how they interact. You also need to check references if the person is a professional tutor.

Last, don't take it for granted that the tutor is the answer to your child's problem. Sit in on a session to see how he teaches and how your child responds. Sometimes the tutor simply doesn't have the patience or knowledge to help your child. If it doesn't seem to be working, don't be afraid to change tutors. After all, the main goal is to get someone your child will work with and who has the ability to help your child .


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