Tutors taking charge, one student at a time

New to tutoring?
If you are new to seeking tutoring help you may have a few questions about the process. Like, how do I find the right tutor for my specific needs? Or, how do I know if I can even afford a tutor? The great thing about the growth of the tutoring industry is the fact that the options are unlimited. This means that you can find the exact tutor that works with your time, budget, and level of comfort. Let’s back it up even further for a moment. How do you come to the realization that you need a tutor? Knowing that getting a tutor doesn’t mean that you are not capable, or not smart enough to do something, is vital to your success. Mindset is everything when it comes to being success at something. Whither this is with educational goals, professional goals, or health goals, success comes easier when you start off with a positive mindset. Tutors can help:
·         Show you the route to success
·         Clear any negative perceptions you may have geared toward your success
·         Get you organized, and stay organized
·         Build your confidence in the subject and within yourself
·         Build relationships and networking opportunities
·         Save you time and stress

What does a typical tutoring session look like?
Well, a tutor will meet you at a place of your choice. This can include Starbucks, A School Campus, your home address, or even a library. The idea behind this is to meet in a quiet place in which the student feels most comfortable to learn and focus. You also get the choice of how long you want your session to be. On average, most tutoring sessions last an hour, sometimes two, and can be anywhere from 7 days a week to 1 day a week.
Ok so now that you know the starting points of setting up a time and a place with a tutor, you might still be wondering what actually takes place during your session. Again you will be presented with some choices. You can bring work to your session that you need help completing. Perhaps, work from a high school or college course, or make it as broad as a topic that you’re struggling with. This leaves room for the tutor to prepare materials to help gage your areas of weakness with the subject and gives them the ability to create materials that best meet your needs. This can also look like meeting up at a park to help work on your curve ball, or working on building up your endurance to run in the next upcoming marathon. The possibilities are endless, do you seem a theme yet? Heytutor, a great starting point and platform to meet hundreds of tutors that fit into your criteria, likes to give our clients options, because quite frankly, every single individual has different needs. Piggy backing off of that as well, it is important to understand that every student learns in a different way. Having a tutor that can adhere to you or your child’s specific learning styles can make the difference between getting an A in math or an F. Often times students make comments like, “I’m just not a math person,” or “I’ll never be good at math.” How sad for these students to fall through the cracks just because their math teachers only teach how to solve algebraic equations one way. Tutors can give you multiple ways to solve problems, which can ultimately change your perspective on your math capabilities, or even on your essay writing capabilities. Just as Kristin Armstrong says, “Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.”

What is your take away from working with a tutor?
Working with a tutor can help any sort of student or person with a need to grow in a subject. Tutors help students with time management, organization, socialization, and many other characteristics. They often help students who are already at the top of the class, due to the extremely competitive nature of education and careers. Yet, they also help students who are struggling in their classes as well. Often times, clients don’t think they will have a tutor for the thing that they need help in, but with today’s diverse population brings for diverse needs and people to meet them. Tutors for athletes like personal coaches, are now focused on working with students so that they are able to get a scholarship. Tutors are also available for students looking to learn a new instrument. Really, the amount of different types of tutors exceeds expectations. Things like passing the CBEST, SATs, or Praxis exam can also call for a tutor. Which means, your instructor can work with you for a short period of time or a long period of time. Again, tutors are here to relieve the stress and anxieties of not yet being successful at the subject area. By living up to this a good tutor will take the initiative to make the process of working together much more simplified. Tutors today offer so many more services than many could imagine. Currently, you even find professionals teaching miscellaneous topics like etiquette, life skills, public speaking, dentistry, tax preparation, you name it. As you can see, tutors can help you meet infinite amounts of very specific and focused goals.

Strapped for time?

Another awesome gain to having the unlimited resources that a tutor can provide, is having the opportunity to choose your type of learning, with the time you have available. Can’t manage finding the time to schedule any meet up sessions but still need some tutoring? Online tutoring is a great option for you. Every little detail that you need, in order to meet your tutoring needs, can be met with the right information and the right tutor. Having an online tutor can insure that you get your questions answered in a timely manner. Personalization of your tutor is available so you can set yourself up with the male or female of your choice and maybe somebody relatable in age but knowledgeable enough to mentor and help you excel. Hopefully, this gives you plenty of information and direction to take a step into the world of tutoring.  


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