What is Bucket List ? Learn Japanese

Bucket List
I have always thought having a bucket list would be something fun to do. I have watched so many things that people have got to experience and all because of this list. But What is a bucket list? A bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. I pondered and thought what do I want to do. What do I want to achieve. I could of chosen any basic answer such as skinny dipping in the Bahamas or skydiving off of the Grand Canyon. Okay, I do have to admit those things are pretty cool but I was looking for something more than cool but rather something enriching. So then I can up with the idea to get better at Art. I know what you’re thinking that’s completely random? But Ive have actually always loved art. I just was never good at it. So I went online and found a wonderful art tutor to make me into the next Picasso or Michelangelo. Essentially the idea is to give yourself simple drawing challenges you can master, then gradually increase the complexity as you develop. Same as music from scales to kids songs to playing Mozart. Over time your eye and hand will become more in-synch. I was still terrible after a year of this. But thanks to the art tutor I was able to improve and move on to what was next on my bucket lists. it’s how we started at the very beginning. Learning Japanese!
When learning a new language, having a tutor is essential. I needed someone to keep me disciplined and consistent. My Japanese tutor Lyn did just that. Having my tutor guide me helped give me a strong foundation in basic grammar. She made learning a new language such an exciting experience. Learning a new language gave me the chance to see the many things that are around me in a different aspect. Which thus broaden my way of thinking and in the end enhanced my intelligence. However, is was not an easy task. I had to invest my time and energy in it so I can achieve results. There is a lot of stress associated with it too but having a tutor helped calm me down. After the first few words, i got easier and easier and became more fun. It is always interesting to communicate with natives of a foreign language comfortably. This unlike most people’s items on their bucket list took me 2 years to achieve. Although I’m still learning I have never felt so accomplished.

After that I did a lot more things on my bucket list. I traveled the world, learned how to fish, learned how to write a book. You are probably asking yourself how can I afford all these classes and trips. The truth is I have been hiring tutors through this online platform called heytutor. I was able to find someone to tutor me for basically anything. And I mean anything. I just inquired recently about a horseback riding tutor. Because the platform was so affordable I was able to achieve a lot of things on my bucket list which definitely enriched my life.


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